Why should you use Trackers Installed instead of another company on the internet offering the same service?


We Pride ourselves on making sure you get the best installation possible and the best customer service. Many trackers can be installed within 15 mins but how long would it take for a theft to find the device? The answer is not long no matter how cheap or expensive a tracker is it needs to be hidden very well to stop it being found in an attack. TRI Thatcham engineers have to fit the tracking units to a very high standard and hide the system very well. Being a Thatcham device all wiring on the system is black so it makes tracing the tracker from the wires almost impossible.


Cobra hold the record for the fastest vehicle recovery in the UK with is down to less than 22mins. All the systems we supply have great customer care and great service if a vehicle is stolen. So what happens when my vehicle gets stolen? First of all you need to phone the police and get a crime reference number, once you have this you can phone your tracker provider and they will track the vehicle and respond to the police regarding location down to 1 square meter. Once the vehicle is recovered a security guard will wait with the vehicle until the owner returns to pick the vehicle up.


We use seat covers and trim tools to protect your cars interior while the system is being installed. Many customers worry about trims or carpets now going back correctly once the vehicle has been apart. all our engineers use special USA made trim tools to make sure plastic/metal trims are not marked when they are removed. We also use special clip removal tools to make sure every panel goes back in place like it was from the factory.


All connections made are soldered and taped correctly, All our engineers are fully insured against damage and to use soldering irons within your vehicle. We use cloth tape to match the wiring loom to your vehicle so it is even harder for a theft to find the tracking unit.